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  • Our Sports Philosophy:

    We believe the key to accomplishing this goal is:

    • Encouraging and developing student athletes and providing sufficient opportunities for students to develop individual abilities.
    • Encouraging the development of team spirit among all members of our teams and their coaches.
    • Developing good attitudes of pride, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior in students, participants and spectators.
    • Developing and maintaining good relationships between athletic teams and student bodies, faculty, administrators and the community.
    • Teaching the fundamentals and techniques of each sport in a progressive sequence through developing programs for grades 7-12 through a coordinated effort.

    Goals & Objectives for Our Sports Programs

    The goal of Eagle Rock's athletic programs is to develop student athletes in a competitive culture by:

    • Providing activities that meet the needs of a variety of student interests and abilities.
    • Fostering a culture committed to excellence and reaching the highest possible level of achievement.
    • Providing value-based programs focused on good character.
    • Promoting the understanding of the value of activities in the educational process.
    • Promoting and representing a positive image of school activities.
    • Providing opportunities for the student athlete to seek and achieve academic, athletic and personal potential.
    • Providing and encouraging professional development for coaches through school district events/activities.