Executive Director of Learning & Instruction

    David England

    Admin Assistant, Dept. of Learning & Instruction

    Mandi Keck

    Elementary Curriculum Coordinator

    Todd Brown

    Assessment Coordinator

    Renee Nelson


    The Department of Curriculum and Assessment provides leadership and expertise in the development of curriculum for students in Grades K-12 in order to empower and build capacity for all teachers and students through the development of rigorous, relevant, and responsive curriculum. To ensure an equitable, engaging academic experience for all students, the Department provides content resources and professional development that is grounded in research and aligned to the standards.

    The Curriculum and Assessment Department achieves this by doing the following:

    • Collaborate with teachers to identify and research effective curricular materials for core and supplemental instruction.
    • Support the development and refinement of the K-12 curriculum in support of student learning.
    • Provide information and technical expertise to assist measuring and improving student learning and outcomes.
    • Sustain a guaranteed and viable curriculum by maintaining curriculum documents and curriculum materials.