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    The purpose of this Technology Use Notification is to describe the responsibilities and privileges of users of Idaho Falls School District 91’s technology resources, referred to here as “D91Net.” Idaho Falls School District 91 (D91) provides technology resources for the educational and professional benefit of its students and staff. Commercial use, such as promoting or advertising any business, is strictly prohibited. D91Net may not be used to promote or solicit for any political or charitable cause or organization unless it is a District 91 or school‐approved cause.

    The District’s Board Policies on Technology govern the acceptable use of technology, regardless of whether those policies are explicitly spelled out in board policy.

    Students and staff are required to comply with D91 technology policies in order to use the District’s technology resources. D91 administration, faculty, and/or staff reserve the right to deny or suspend User access if the User breaks the terms of technology policies. Severe infractions may result in termination of employment or school expulsion. The user will be informed of the suspected violation and given an opportunity to present an explanation. Users may request a review hearing of a building administrator within seven (7) days of such suspension or termination.


    To promote the safety and security of users of D91Net, and to ensure compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), blocking and filtering protection measures and security controls are used to the extent practical. Educators may request approval for Technology Services staff to unblock access to sites containing material that is appropriate for valid educational purposes. Parents/guardians may sign a form that requests the student not to participate in the use of the Internet. The form “Student Internet Access Restriction Form” is available on the District website.

    D91 does not condone or permit the use of materials that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal, and the user may not knowingly bring such materials into the school environment. System administrators and Idaho Falls School District 91 do not have control of information residing on other systems.

    Students’ and employees’ home and personal Internet use can have an impact on the school and other students and employees. If personal Internet expression – such as a threatening message to another person, or a violent website – creates a likelihood of material disruption to the school’s or District’s operations, the User may face disciplinary action and criminal penalties.


    Personal information about any student or staff member should be assumed to be confidential, and the user should never disclose or transmit such information via D91Net except in strict compliance with the law and District policy. However, users should not expect that files and information will always be private. System operators have access to stored data including e‐mail, and sophisticated or privileged users on the network may gain access to such data. System administrators will not intentionally inspect the contents of personal files or e‐mail, or disclose such contents to other than the author or an intended recipient, without the consent of the author or intended recipient, unless required to do so by law or policies of D91 or to investigate complaints regarding data which is alleged to contain impermissible material. System administrators reserve the right to monitor all activity on D91Net and to cooperate fully with Idaho Falls School District 91, local, state, or federal officials in investigations concerning any data stored on or transmitted via D91Net.


    Opinions, advice, services, and all other information expressed by users, information providers, service providers, or other third‐party personnel on D91Net are those of the user or provider and not necessarily of District 91. System administrators or their designees reserve the right to refuse storage or posting of files or information and to remove files or information in order to comply with District guidelines and policies and to maintain the integrity and availability of D91Net. System administrators reserve the right to set quotas for storage on D91Net. Users may be required to use removable media for the storage of data rather than network resources.



    Users of D91 Technology shall:

    • Use the technology equipment and services for educational purposes, not for personal or commercial business on district time, nor any illegal purpose, nor any other activity prohibited by District policies or guidelines.
    • No student use of D91Net unless under instructor supervision and with permission of school personnel, for educator‐approved purposes; no use for recreation and entertainment.
    • No student use of direct communications such as instant messaging or online chat during class time or on D91Net except under the direct supervision of teaching or administrative staff for educational purposes.
    • Be responsible at all times for proper use of accounts:
    • Use only assigned accounts and keep passwords confidential; NO STUDENT USE OF STAFF ACCOUNTS.
    • Not permit others to use accounts for which I am responsible.
    • Prevent unauthorized use by logging off of or locking any computer that I am not directly monitoring.
    • Protect the privacy of others and myself:
    • Not view, use, transmit or copy information or files for which I am not authorized.
    • Not disclose personal or private information about others or myself.
    • Respect and protect the intellectual property of others:
    • Be responsible for determining whether or not any material, including software, texts, music files, movies, etc., is in the public domain before using, copying, distributing, or installing it.
    • Not use D91Net for copyrighted or licensed material without permission, recognizing that it is illegal.
    • Not plagiarize (use another person’s work without permission and attribution).
    • Treat D91Net with respect, to protect its security, integrity, and availability:
    • Do not disable or interfere with any antivirus or anti‐malware protection on D91Net, and immediately notify school personnel if a virus or malicious software is found.
    • Report any security risks or violations to a teacher or system administrator.
    • Not destroy, damage, or alter equipment, information, or resources that do not belong to me.
    • Use only approved technology equipment and software within the District, following D91 policies and guidelines for where and how they are to be used.
    • Not use personally owned technology unless inspected and approved according to D91 policies.
    • Not permit others (such as family or friends) to use technology assigned by D91 for my use.
    • Not send spam, chain letters, or other mass unsolicited mailings.
    • Respect and practice community principles and ethics:
    • Use polite communication; no harassment or bullying, or abusive, vulgar, or inappropriate language.
    • Not intentionally access, transmit, copy or create any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material; and to immediately report accidental access to a teacher or administrator.
    • Avoid material on the Internet that does not relate to educational pursuits.
    • Not transmit materials, information, or software in violation of any local, state, or federal law.
    • Conform to all D91 Board policies regarding technology use while using D91 technology resources.