• The school library program serves to instill a love of reading, inspire life-long learning, and foster independent library use. Students visit once a week with their class to check out materials and to practice information literacy skills and digital citizenship.  Reading levels and A.R. levels are indicated on the spine of each book.

    • Kindergarten will not check out books until October and they will only get one book at a time.
    • First grade may check out 2 books.
    • Second through sixth grades may check out up to 3 books.

    Library books are due every week on their specific class day. All books need to be brought in, even books to renew must be present. They may be renewed twice. We do not charge late fees; however, books that are more than 3 weeks overdue are considered lost and need to be paid for. Students may not check out another book until all books are current. If you feel that your student returned a book but a notice came home, please email the librarian.  If a book gets damaged while it is checked out to a student, it is the student’s responsibility to tell the librarian and possibly pay for it.

    To encourage quiet behavior in the library, we play quiet baseball. Every class has their own set of bases to cover. Each week that they are quiet, they cover a base. When all of the bases are covered, it is considered a home run and we have party week (a variety of activities which do not require being quiet). There is a 3 strikes “you’re out” warning policy to remind and keep them on track.

    All books must be returned to the library by the second week of May. 

    Libraries Linking Idaho (has resources for K-8, plus much more)

    Students can use the SSO Portal to log onto the library catalog website to look up books and put them on hold.