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    Pay Information

    Pay Day is the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a weekend, then payday is the Friday before the 20th.

    Time Sheets are due the last working day of the month, and must be signed by you and your supervisor. Please do not hold time sheets to turn in after the current month.

    Direct Deposit is available for All District employees. Your monthly payroll deposits are located and viewed through your Skyward Employee Access account. The deposit is not in your bank account until payday, but it may be viewed in your Skyward account the day before payday. To sign up for Direct Deposit, it must be done in person at the payroll department.

    Employees receiving a paper payroll check, their checks will be mailed on pay day to their home address that's on file.

    Changes in Address/Phone Number should be emailed to payroll.

    Review your payroll information in Skyward and notify Payroll Department when changes need to be made.

    Skyward Information

    Skyward allows you to view your payroll information and deposits. You can log on to your account from any computer connected to the internet, view and print your paycheck information, W-2's, track your leave accumulation and usage, and double-check your personal information.

    If you don't have computer access at home, contact your school secretary or supervisor about using the designated computer in your building. There is also a computer available for use at the front desk of the District Office during regular work hours.



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