• Four Guiding Questions of PLC:

    1. What do students need to know, understand and be able to do?

    2. How will we know if they have learned it?

    3. What will we do if a student has not learned it?

    4. What will we do if a students already knows it?

    The Work of PLC Teams:

    • Educators take collective responsibility for student learning and clarify the commitments they make to each other about how they work together.
    • The team establishes a guaranteed and viable curriculum, unit by unit, so all students have access to the same knowledge and skills regardless of the teacher to whom they are assigned.
    • The team develops common formative assessments to frequently gather evidence of student learning.
    • The team supports a system of interventions and extensions to ensure students who struggle receive additional time and support for learning in a way that is timely, directive, diagnostic, and systematic, and students who demonstrate proficiency can extend their learning.
    • The team uses evidence of student learning to inform and improve the individual and collective practice of its members (Learning by Doing, p. 14)

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