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    Grades K-12

    Students must be evaluated and meet eligibility requirements to receive special education and related services. It is important to understand that not all students with learning and/or behavioral challenges require special education services.

    Parents are a valued team member during the entire special education referral process. Special education evaluation, service, and supports are always provided at no cost to the parent.

    Parents may wish to share existing information during the process such as:

    • developmental or educational history
    • community therapy reports
    • medical diagnosis and history
    • input on their student’s strengths and needs

    Our schools provide a range of inclusive practices and individualized programming for students with disabilities. Services and supports are provided both within and outside the general education classroom. The nature of the support depends on the student’s needs and are determined during the IEP team process.

    The IEP teaming process is designed to determine the level of support a student currently requires, but also to adjust support levels as students learn so that more independence and access to general education may happen.



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