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    School districts can ask patrons to approve levies or bonds to generate money to pay for things like additional staff and programs to enhance instruction, building maintenance and repairs, school buses or technology. These monies are generated through local property taxes.

    Supplemental Levy

    Idaho Falls School District 91 patrons have long supported a supplemental levy. The levy currently generates about $6.8 million a year, which pays for teachers, aides and counselors the state does not fully fund; keeps class sizes lower and helps the district recruit the highest quality teachers by offering a competitive salary and benefits package. Patrons must renew the levy every two years.

    Special Plant Facilities Fund (SPFF) Levy

    Patrons also have approved a Special Plant Facilities Fund (SPFF) levy, which generates about $2.4 million for major capital expenses such as school maintenance, repairs, technology and school buses. The board reduced the levy by about $500,000 in 2012. The SPFF comes up for renewal every 10 years.


    In spring 2012, District 91 patrons approved a $53 million bond to pay for the construction of four schools to replace some of the district’s oldest elementary schools. Dora Erickson, Edgemont, Ethel Boyes and Longfellow elementary schools will be rebuilt on the existing sites. In addition, upgrades will be made to science facilities at Idaho Falls and Skyline high schools and to other buildings in the district.

    Learn more about District 91’s levies and bonds rates.

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