• Title I Parental Involvement Policy

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    We are committed to providing the support necessary for effective parental involvement programs in Title I schools.

    Parental Involvement Policy

    • Parents will participate in the annual review of this parent involvement document and provide input on the content and effectiveness of the parental involvement policy in improving the academic quality of Title I schools.
    • Parents will be notified of this document and, to the extent practicable, it will be available in a language they understand.

    School Involvement

    • Schools will convene an annual school-based meeting to provide the parents of students in Title I schools with information and tools, give an overview of the District Title I program, give an overview of Title I policies and procedures and solicit input from parents.
    • Schools will develop, with the involvement of parents, a school-parent compact and will conduct an effective parent involvement program.
    • Schools will develop, with the involvement of parents, an annual action plan for parent involvement.
    • Schools will communicate information to parents regarding curriculum, assessment, student achievement and staff.
    • Parents will be involved in the process of review and improvement of schoolwide and targeted assistance programs.
    • Parents will share responsibility for high student academic achievement.

    Building Capacity for Involvement

    • District personnel will provide the coordination, technical assistance and other support necessary to assist participating schools in planning and implementing effective parent involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance.
    • District or school personnel will provide training and support to Title I schools, including parents, for planning parent involvement programs and providing resources aligned to Title I schoolwide and targeted assistance requirements.
    • Parental involvement initiatives will be coordinated and integrated with other district, state, federal and community programs.


    • Opportunities for participation of all parents, including parents who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, have limited English proficiency or are of any racial or ethnic minority background will be available

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