• D91 Security and Access Control Guidelines

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    Key / Access Badge Security Guidelines


      • D91 Staff will not make copies or loan any keys/access badges issued to them to any other person for any reason.  Doing so could be grounds for legal action. While working within any district building, all staff are required to have their badge hung visibly on their person to identify themselves as an employee of the district.


      • All D91 keys or access badges issued to D91 staff will remain the property of Idaho Falls School District 91.


      • Avoid placing any building or location specific information on your badge, or badge holder. Stickers, etc.


      • D91 staff are to return all keys and badges to their immediate supervisor upon termination of employment with Idaho Falls School District 91.


      • All employees will surrender any keys/access badges issued to them upon demand by proper administrative authority of Idaho Falls School District 91.


      • D91 employees will make every effort to protect keys/access badges from loss or theft while in their possession.  In the event that a badge, or keys are lost or stolen, staff are to report it immediately to the D91 HR Department (208)525-7500 for the purpose of disabling the badge until found.  If the HR Department is unavailable, staff may then call the D91 Help Desk at (208)525-7556.

    Video Surveillance

    For more information regarding D91's Video Surveillance Policies, please refer to Board Policy 402.3 Click Here!