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    What Is The Tax Impact Of The Bond?

    If approved, D91’s proposed bond is estimated to cost $233 per $100,000 of net taxable property value, but that will not appear on tax notices until 2024. Also, the district probably wouldn’t sell all the bonds at the same time so in the first few years of the bond, the impact is expected to be less than $233 per $100,000 of net taxable property value.

    In addition, the district is paying off its prior bonds early, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. The prior bond, with a tax impact of approximately $133 per $100,000 of net taxable property value, will be completely paid off next year, and will drop off tax notices before the new bond appears on tax notices.

    So, if the proposed bond passes, the net change in the district’s bond levy rate -- the difference between what taxpayers are paying today and what they will pay if the new bonds pass -- is expected to be $100 per $100,000 in net taxable property value.

    To determine your tax impact, look at your Assessment Notice from the Bonneville County Assessor’s office, find the table showing the assessed value of your property, look for your Net Taxable Property value, type it into the box below and hit the green “calculate” button.


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