• High School Registration

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    Welcome to Idaho Falls School District 91! Our high schools serve students in grades 9-12. You can now register and upload all required documents online. Paper registration packets are currently being updated and will be posted soon. 

    *If your child attended D91 in 2023-24, click on the "Current D91 Students" button to update information.
    *Si su hijo asistió al D91 en 2023-24, haga clic en el boton "Estudiantes Actuales del D91" para actualizar la informacion. 

    Some things to know before you register:

    Address Verification

    Documentation is needed to show your residence is within the school boundary (i.e. Power Bill, Rental or Purchase Agreement). Or an enrollment waiver is needed if you want your student(s) to attend a school outside of your school boundaries. Read the waiver policy for more information.

    Grades from Previous School

    Withdrawal form with grades from previous school. If you enroll before the school year starts, please bring your final report card from the last school attended or a copy of your transcript.

    Proof of Birth

    Idaho law requires that upon enrollment of a student for the first time in an elementary or secondary school, the parent or guardian must provide either a certified copy of the student's birth certificate or other reliable proof of the student's identity and birth date. Other reliable proof of the student's identity and birth date may include a passport, visa, or other governmental documentation of the child's identity.


    Idaho law states that upon first admission and prior to attendance in public schools, valid immunization records must be provided for a student, or sign an exemption.


    Legal documentation of guardianship is needed if you are not the biological parent.