D91 Help Desk

    D91 Help Desk

    Office hours vary, call or email to set up an appointment.


    Technology is never flawless. We know how disruptive and frustrating it is when something is not working. Our desktop support specialists and help desk specialists provide face-to-face and phone support five days a week. Support requests can be submitted 24/7.

    A safe digital environment for all is a top priority for the technology department. We ensure compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act by requiring cyber safety training of all staff and mandating age-appropriate digital citizen lessons. All staff and students annually sign an acceptable use policy, promising online and offline responsible behavior.


    • Be suspicious of any email that requires "immediate action" or creates a sense of urgency.
    • Hover your mouse over the link. This will show you the true destination where you would go if you actually clicked on the link.
    • Just because you got an email from a friend does not mean they sent it. Your friend's computer may have been infected or their account may have been compromised, and malware is sending email to all of your friend's contacts.
    • Be suspicious of grammar or spelling mistakes: most businesses proofread their messages carefully before sending them.
    • If after reading an email you think is a phishing attack or scam, simply delete the email.
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