Dress Code

  • At Emerson High School our dress code is based on common sense, decency and modesty, and is not meant to inconvenience anyone.  Students in violation of the dress code will be required to obtain suitable clothing before being allowed to attend classClass time missed to obtain suitable clothing will be unexcused. Emerson has the following mandatory requirements:

    • Emerson shirts, NO large graphics, small finger-size brand insignias allowed
    • Jeans/slacks – no fashion rips, joggers not allowed or printed leggings. NO SHORTS
    • Solid color leggings ONLY are allowed- NO printing/patterns
    • All non-Emerson hoodies/Zip-ups must be plain – NO GRAPHICS
    • No hats or apparel that covers the head will be worn in the building at any time (this includes hoods on the sweatshirts and bandanas).
    • All shirts must have sleeves; no tank tops, plunging necklines, bare midriffs, see-through, muscle shirts or half tops.
    • No displaying of undergarments, no low-rider (pants or shorts) that expose boxers or undergarments.
    • No shorts or mini-skirts are allowed to be worn
    • Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building
    • No pajamas, sweats or slippers unless medically necessary
    • No large jackets or coats can be worn in the building. Hoodies may be purchased at the front desk with the school insignia for $25.00 or with Emerson Bucks
    • No gang-related attire may be worn. ANY references to drugs and/or alcohol are not allowed.
    • Students are not permitted to wear jewelry displayed: swearing, drugs, alcohol, crude sayings, and/or interpreted to be offensive by Emerson Administration and staff.

    Students in violation of the dress code are subject to consequences such as: being sent home to change, double make-up time, truancy, and/or Supervised School Suspension, and possible drop from classes.

    Free-dress Fridays will be announced prior to the date.