• Students begin learning the curriculum and gaining the skills that are critical to success in high school and the world beyond.To ensure that students receive that foundation, the State Board of Education is implementing a new credit system that requires students to earn 80% of their total credits before being promoted to the next grade. If they don't, they may have to repeat that grade or earn credits through an alternate route.

    Students in District 91 must:

    • Attain 80% of the total credits attempted
    • Earn at least one (1) credit in each yearlong course

    Help Your Child Succeed!
    The keys to student success in middle school are:

    • Staying organized and using a planner to stay up to date with assignments.
    • Use class time for its intended purpose. Pay attention and participate as directed by your teachers.
    • Break large assignments into smaller parts to keep from feeling overwhelmed.
    • Developing good study habits, working hard and using time wisely.
    • Attending school regularly. If students have more than 5 absences in a trimester class or 8 absences in a semester class, they could lose credit for that class. (Absences related to family deaths, school activities or medical appointments are not included.)