Education and Training

  • Courses in parent/child development and up to three teaching assistant or early childhood professions courses. In the Teaching Assistant courses, students learn about being a classroom teacher, as well as develop customer service skills and business ethics. Students work with a teacher, counselor, librarian or coach and have the chance to influence young lives. In the Early Childhood Professions courses, students work with children ages newborn to 6 years old and help people learn and improve their lives. Students have the option to participate in FCCLA, the student organization, the membership dues are $25.00.

    • Parenting & Child Development 1 trimester Grades 9, 10
    • Early Childhood Education (Capstone) 1 trimester Grades 11, 12 OR Elementary School Teaching Assistant (Capstone) 1 trimester Grades 11, 12
    • Occ Experience – Family Consumer Science (Optional) Grades 11, 12

    Students also complete an industry-mentored work-based learning experience and can earn industry certification and college credit.


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