Law Enforcement

  • Law Enforcement

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    Instructor: Chris Martin



    Program Name:

    Law Enforcement, Detention, & Corrections


    Program Information:

    This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the occupational choices in criminal justice, law enforcement, detention, corrections, and emergency services, and prepare them for entry into these occupations. Students will study basic criminal investigations techniques, the mechanics of search and seizure, communications, emergency medical procedures, rescue and safety procedures, traffic and crowd control, and related scenarios. Additional training will be provided in patrol techniques, weapons, investigations, court systems, defensive tactics, vehicle operations, fingerprinting and identification systems, as well as accident and criminal action prevention/investigation. While students will not be able to be certified as police, corrections, or criminal justice officers, they will be given the necessary skills to perform basic tasks in these occupations as auxiliary personnel and pursue further training at a postsecondary institution. This course is a yearlong course and can be taken with English III/IV at the CTE Center.


    Program Requirements:

    • NONE