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  • At Eagle Rock Middle School we expect that all students attend classes each day. Our teachers provide a positive learning environment and engaging instruction. Students who miss class, miss out on essential learning opportunities.

    ABSENCES - All absences must be reported to the attendance office at 525-7705 by a parent or guardian within 48 hours of the absence.

    TARDIES:  Students are expected to be in classrooms, in their seats and ready to begin class at designated class start times.  A student is considered absent if he/she is more than 20 minutes late. Being late will result in a demerit.

    T10: Students will receive a T10 when they are more than 10 minutes late to class, but are there for more than half of the class period. Or, if the student leaves 10 minutes or more early from class, but are present for more than half the class period. 

    LCA: Students lose credit for any class in which they exceed five (5) total absences in a trimester. The total number of absences that can be made up during a trimester has been set at five (5).  Students may make up credit assignments missed due to excused absences.  Parents and students should check with the attendance secretary for make-up time.  Transportation for make-up sessions is the responsibility of the student and parent.

    MEDICAL ABSENCE VERIFICATION – An excused absence, due to illness or a medical/dental appointment, directly verified by a licensed medical practitioner via U.S. mail, e-mail, fax (525-7703), or sealed envelope, that was cleared with the attendance office before or within two business days of the student’s return to school, will be a LCA exempt absence. 

    TRUANCY - A student who is absent from class without proper authorization from parents and/or administration is considered truant even if the student is on school property.  Truancy is a violation of the law and will be dealt with in accordance with Idaho Code 33-202, 33-206; recurring absences may result in a student being referred to a Truancy Officer.

    MAKE-UP WORK - Students will be allowed the number of days they were absent plus one (up to a maximum of 5 days) for makeup work missed due to verified absences. All assignments made before students were absent will be due the day they return.

    HOMEWORK REQUESTS– Please arrange homework requests prior to absences if possible. If a student misses more than two consecutive days, homework requests can be made through the front office by 9 a.m., otherwise students can check with the classroom teacher for makeup work upon the student’s return to class.

    If your student thinks he or she was marked absent in error, please have them contact their teacher.

    Attendance Codes

    Excused absences that DO NOT go against the count (5) for LCA’s are the following: ACT: School Activity, BHC: Behavioral Health Center, CRT: Court, DIF: Death in family, HMB: Homebound,MED: Medical excuse with note from doctor, ISS: In School Suspension, JUV: Juvenile Lockdown, and SSS: Supervised Suspension.

    Absences that ARE included in the 5 absences per class allowed each trimester before make-up time is required to prevent a LCA are the following: ILL: When a parent has called and informed the school the student is ill, VER: Parent called and verified the absence,OSS: Out of school suspension, UNV: Unverified – the parent did not call the school to inform them of the student’s absence, and UNX: Truant – when a student is not in his or her assigned location during the school day. A student’s attendance shows TDY if the student is late for class and T10 if the student is over 10 minutes tardy. Parents and students should review the attendance record often.