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    May’s Math Problem to Ponder

    We want our Longfellow students and families to practice their math skills together. Each month for the remainder of the year, we will be featuring a “Problem of the Month.” Each problem is divided into five different levels of difficulty, Level A through Level E, to allow access and scaffolding for all levels. This month’s problem is called Inside Problem Solving: Rod Trains! Feel free to complete one or all of these problems with your child(ren). 


    How to Participate:

    1. Visit the following website and select which problems you want to work on as a family: https://www.insidemathematics.org/sites/default/files/assets/inside-problem-solving/inside_problem_solving_rod_trains_student_packet_2021.pdf

    2. Work through the problem(s) together and write down your family’s responses, descriptions, drawings, or observations on a piece of notebook paper.

    1. At the top of the paper, write the following:

      1. Your child’s name

      2. Your child’s grade

      3. The level of the problem (A-E) you complete

    *Feel free to submit all of the problems on different sheets of paper for multiple entries!

    1. Send your child to school with this notebook paper and have him/her put it in the Problem of the Month bucket on the table outside of the front office at some point before the end of May.

    2. On May 25, we will draw out 3 answer sheets and award prizes to the students whose papers are drawn.

    3. Have fun!

    Math Progression Videos

    Check out the video links below to help you understand the concepts that students are learning at each grade-level:

    Math Progression Videos (Graham Fletcher)
    Progression of Early Number and Counting (K-1st grade)
    Progression of Fractions (1st -3rd)
    Progression of Addition and Subtraction (K-4th)
    Progression of Multiplication (2nd - 5th)
    Progression of Division (3rd - 6th)

    College & Career Readiness

    College and Career Readiness Parent Spotlight

    In order to help prepare our Longfellow students for College and Career Readiness, we'd like to highlight the careers of our parents. We plan to highlight different careers on the television that is mounted outside of the main office throughout the rest of the school year. If you'd like to be featured and tell our students more about your career, please complete the form.



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