• Cyber Security & Networking

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    Instructor: Cathy Owen

    Email: owencath@sd91.org 


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    Cyber Security & Networking


    Program Information:

    Cybersecurity lays a foundation for understanding cyber law and policy, Linux, networking technology basics, risk assessment, cryptography, and a variety of cybersecurity tools – all the essential knowledge and skills needed to begin a future in the cybersecurity workforce. Not only does Cybersecurity introduce the breadth of cybersecurity concepts and skills to students, but it also prepares them to verify their technical know-how through the Comp TIA Security & certification. This course provides students with the knowledge of computer hardware and software as well as advanced concepts such as security, networking, and the responsibilities of an IT professional. Students who complete this course will be able to explain the internal components of a computer, describe how to assemble a computer system and install an operating system. Students working through hands-on activities will gain skills in computer assembly, configuration, and maintenance.


    Program Requirements:

    • Cyber Security I

    • Cyber Security II

    • Cyber Security III

    • Networking I or Security Plus I

    • Networking II or Security Plus II

    • Networking III or Security Plus III





Degrees and Certifications: