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    This course is designed to prepare students for an occupation within the firefighting career field. Students will learn about fitness readiness, basic firefighting techniques, EMT basics, ambulance operations, and incident command systems. They will be instructed on how to write reports, and the correct language to use according to the Idaho Criminal Code. Students will learn about fire behavior, building construction, extinguishers, ropes and knots, rescue and vehicle extrication, forcible entry, ladders, ventilation, water supply, fire hoses, fire streams, fire controls, alarms, and loss of control. This course will also include instruction on fire department communication systems, protecting the public, fire prevention, public education, and hazardous material procedures. There will be a focus on health and safety, as it relates to preventing injuries, and personal protective equipment. This course is a yearlong course and can be taken with English III/IV at the CTE Center. 

    Avaliable Certifications:
    Workplace Readiness, First Aid, CPR, Assist with Medications 

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