• Supt. Karla LaOrange's
    120-Days of Outreach

    Connecting With Our Community:
    120-Day Outreach Plan for Supt. Karla LaOrange

    As Karla LaOrange begins her service as the superintendent of Idaho Falls School District 91, she is launching "Connecting With Our Community," an ambitious 120-day outreach plan to give all D91 stakeholders opportunities to provide input and engage with the new superintendent. As part of this outreach plan, Supt. LaOrange will:


      • Visit every D91 school and department to meet with students, principals, teachers and staff

      • Schedule Open Houses throughout the district to meet with parents and patrons

      • Meet with students and student organizations

      • Meet with local municipal and country leaders and local business, civic and community groups to forge strong partnerships

      • Attend school and community events to connect with parents and staff and celebrate D91's schools