District News

Souper Bowl Is Under Way bowl

IFHS and SHS have kicked off the annual Souper Bowl canned food drive, which continues through Feb. 5. Working together, the schools collected more than 100,000 cans of food last year and they're hoping to do the same thing this year. If you can help, please send a donation with your child to school or drop off cans or non-perishable items at IFHS or SHS. We are D91PROUD of this annual project, which now accounts for a third of the annual donations to the Community Food Basket. 

D91 Adopts New Guidance on Spectators bbg

The Eastern Idaho Board of Health has changed the health order regarding gatherings in Bonneville County, which means even more spectators will be able to attend sporting events in Idaho Falls School District 91.  D91 now will follow the guidance developed last week by the Governor’s office and the office of the State Board of Education. Under the new athletics plan, our gymnasiums will be able to accommodate up to 40% of capacity with health and safety measures. Under the new guidance, the capacity of IFHS’ gymnasium will be 970 spectators. SHS’ gymnasium will have a capacity of up to 1,152. Please do your part in helping our school staff implement the new guidance by following all the health and safety measure when you attend a sporting event in D91. 

Come And Join The D91 Team job fair

Idaho Falls School District 91 is holding its another Job Fair of the 2021 Recruiting Season Feb. 8-11. All the district's job fairs this year will be virtual events. D91 anticipates openings for elementary school teachers; middle school and high school math, science and English teachers; speech language pathologists and school psychologists. Interested candidates should complete an application and then register for the job fair. The deadline to register for the fair is Friday, Feb. 5. 

D91 Updates Quarantine Guidelines update

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has issued new guidance on quarantine periods for K-12 students and staff who have been in close contact with someone at school who has tested positive for COVID-19. Idaho Falls School District 91 plans to implement this new guidance beginning today, Monday, Jan. 11.  If the person who tests positive and the person in close contact were both wearing masks that cover their nose and mouth, the close contact does not need to isolate for 10 days as previously directed. They can continue to attend in-person classes, but should monitor themselves closely for COVID-19 symptoms. Learn more.

Click here to view D91 COVID Data.

Update on District Musical theater

The directors of the Idaho Falls District musical have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 District Musical. This difficult decision was made after considering many factors such as current COVID restrictions limiting gatherings and the amount of time needed to produce a musical with more than 150 people, and we have determined it is not feasible to conduct a production of this magnitude at this time. We know our students, faculty, and patrons look forward to this special event every year. Plans are already being made for a 2022 musical, which will be the 40th anniversary of the District Musical. We are hoping to make that musical our biggest one ever.

Thank you for your interest and understanding and continued support of the District Musical.

Board Adopts 2021-22 School Calendar calendar

The Board of Trustees has adopted the 2021-22 School Calendar, but will make final decisions about late start Monday versus late start Friday and parent teacher conferences at its work session on Tuesday, Jan. 26. Under the new calendar, school will start on Aug. 25, 2021 with a week off for Thanksgiving, two weeks off at Christmas, a week off for Spring Break and the last day of school on June 2, 2022. Click here to view the calendar.

Free Meals For Children All Year free food

D91's waiver to provide all students with a free breakfast and/or lunch has been extended through the end of the school year or until funding runs out. Students must provide their student ID number as they go through the line, but will not be charged for meals. Friday take-home meals are available for all students and should be ordered using the Google Order Form. Take-home meals are only available in weeks when school is in session.